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I'm a Ruby and Elixir

back end developer currently

working with Go.

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  • September 2019 - Present: Software Engineer @Heroic Labs

      • - Write a Go protoc plugin that generates an Angular REST client from a .proto file's grpc-gateway definitions.

      • - Fully implement and maintain the JavaScript runtime for the Nakama OSS project.

      • - Write and maintain the TypeScript definitions for JavaScript runtime.

      • - Contribute to overhaul of the Nakama console.

      • - Full Stack contribution to the Heroic Cloud platform.

      • - Write scripts to perform benchmarking using Tsung, a distributed load testing tool.

      • Keywords: Golang, PostgreSQL, GCP, K8S, Docker, Angular, OSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, protobuf, Tsung

  • June 2018 - July 2019: Software Engineer @Visible Alpha

      • - Ruby on Rails back end development.

      • - Perform PostgreSQL database maintainance tasks.

      • - Transition infrastructure over to Kubernetes.

      • Keywords: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, AWS, K8S, Redis

  • Apr. 2016 - May 2018: Software Engineer @Talkdesk

    • Jul. 2017 - May 2018: Platform Team - Software Engineer

      • - Develop Elixir microservice with public REST API.

      • - Collaborate in new presence system requirement gathering, design and draft.

      • - Draft client authentication/authorization spec for EMQTT server.

      • - Collaborate on implementation of newly designed clustered, stateful Elixir presence system until first release.

      • Keywords: Elixir, REST, Phoenix Framework, Cassandra, MQTT, EMQTTD, K8S

    • May. 2017 - Jul. 2017: Integrations Team Interim Tech Lead

      • - Interim Tech Lead and SCRUM master for the team.

      • - Onboard new hires and direct project handoff.

      • Keywords: SCRUM, Tech Lead

    • Apr. 2016 - Apr. 2017: Integrations Team

      • - Ruby application back end maintainance, feature implementation, bug resolution and general improvements.

      • - Work on the implementation of Talkdesk's Beta SMS integration with Zendesk.

      • - Build front end JavaScript widget for integration with the Zendesk platform.

      • - Handle major MongoDB version on Ruby monolith.

      • Keywords: Ruby, MongoDB, Unit Tests (RSpec), Integration Tests (Cucumber), Heroku, Docker, Git, REST, RabbitMQ, NewRelic, Twilio

  • Sep. 2013 - Sep. 2015: Research assistant @IST working for the EU funded STORK2 project

    • Sep. 2014 - Sep. 2015: MSc Thesis framed within STORK2

      • - Build a full stack web application in Node.js for the materialization of digitally signed documents called TADS (Trusted Attribute Display Service).

      • - Develop an authentication handler for CAS accepting SAML2 tokens provided by the STORK2 infrastructure.

      • - Integrate a STORK2 Attribute Provider for certified attributes with IST CMS - FenixEdu.

      • - Manage Linux infrastructure, configuration and web application deployment.

      • Keywords: PKI, X.509, Tomcat, JBoss, Nginx, Apache2, Linux, Java6, Node.js, OpenSwan, REST, SOAP, SAML2.0, XML, JSON, LaTeX


  • Bsc in Communication Networks Engineering @IST.
  • Msc with Major in networks and services management @IST.